Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Google Search Tips You Should Use In Your Classroom

I had an amazing time at Alan November's BLC15 in Boston this summer. I had an opportunity to learn from Mr. November while participating in one of his four-hour sessions. Even though he shared a lot of information, he was adamant that teachers encourage their students to learn from around the world. Teachers should let students assess ideas and situations from all over the world, not just our version. An example he gave was from a high school literature teacher who wanted her students to get different perspectives of Romeo and Juliet. The students were asked to find 6 power points from 6 different countries and to create a mix-up of those 6 slides defending their new version of Romeo and Juliet. By changing the assessment, this teacher opened up many different opportunities for her students to get unique perspectives for the same assignment. If you were to give this same exercise to your students, how long would it take them to get what they needed? Take some time to teach yourself and your students Google search tips that will help you both get to the right information quickly. Find a graphic and video to help you get started.

Get a copy here: https://goo.gl/3QzZrS

Here is a short video example of a file type search and a country code search.

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